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"Hasn't everyone heard of Kithabel? I live in Africa, not under a rock," Cam tells Tattletale. "You, on the other hand, are new to me."


Sep. 27th, 2014 01:36 am
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The portal system is replaced with a more secure successor over time. Inferno's subworlds are still non-urgent, but the daeva do get a portal to Limbo, where the humans present are much less likely to be able to freak out and successfully move from freaking out to doing anything along the lines of "nuke the rogue daeva and hope the summoner's within the blast radius". Cam visits his dad and gets a letter to his mom asking that she show up at his dad's house. He makes useful things in ways that won't be too traceable (if his dad's fridge has slightly more bacon and cheese and apples to share with the neighbors a few days in a row, who'll notice?), as a short-term intervention while awaiting more acculturation to the way Limbo works so they won't upset any very delicate balances. The portals to the other worlds can wait until there are actual plans on what to do with them. And possibly until their alts have more free time to help. In the meantime, Cam has his parents again.


Sep. 24th, 2014 06:18 pm
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The dragon is kept as comfortable as can be safely arranged. The mages regain mana; Ice goes to Prime's house to put him under. The dragon is eventually needled into revealing that he used a small invisible monster from his "monster bin" to spy on the sphinx and learn the password to the mysterious portal. The small invisible monster is caught and caged and fed millet and offered to Idania to poke at. The dragon is mirrored, on his medallion and his eye both, and allowed to shift from out of his restraints and go home. He makes a perfunctory request to use Phix and Max's bathroom first and doesn't stop to wait for their reply before he does so, then leaves without further ado. Cam makes some additions to the robot army, less their network connections; an existing robot comes to the Belfry, describes the parts it needs to add the new ones to the network, receives same, installs them, and takes the new additions home except for one that is set to watch over twin surveillance mirrors in a disused Belfry corner.

And then Phix asks:

"So, what could be done to portals to make them less vulnerable to small invisible monster spies?"


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